Sunday, March 21, 2010

Picked up a few things today...

Today was such a gloomy day :-(
I really hate bad weather...

Even though the weather was horrible I didn't let it stop all of my plans for the day. It was DEFINITELY time for a change of hair style. I start a new job tomorrow so I decided to switch up my hair to go along with it. I also finally got my eyebrows waxed (thank goodness!) as well. I stopped in a shoe store and tried on a couple pair of high wedged heels. I really liked every single pair and if I wasn't running so late for my hair appointment I would have purchased them. Then I stopped at a beauty supply shop a few doors down from the salon to browse through some things. Of course I purchased a couple of items as well. I have them shown below. I hope everyone enjoyed their weekends and you all have productive weeks! Thanks!

I love how the jar is so tiny and compact! I like to use Vaseline on my lips before applying any color or sticky lipgloss. It's really light and very moisturizing.

I actually purchased this item on accident but I consider it the BEST buy of the day :-)! It's from Nivea and it's called A Kiss of Flavor. It is a lightly scented, tinted and tasty (yum!) chapstick. After applying your lips are sooo smooth and it smells and tastes so good. Once I got in my car I checked my receipt and saw that it was on there, I figured the clerk must have scanned it and bagged it by mistake. Anywho I tried it and ended up loving it. I have to go back and buy more!

When I purchase eyelashes I usually get the traditional style but I saw these and and had to try them. They are wing shaped. When I put them on they looked so natural. The lash hair is really soft and they seem pretty durable.


I was flipping through a magazine while I was getting my hair dried in the salon and saw a very pretty african american girl about my age. The thing that stood out to me the most about her was her skin. It was so even and soft and radiant! The interviewer also must have noticed her skin because she asked her what skin care regimen does she follow and the young woman said she used this cleansing bar. After reading that I had to try it. As soon as I got home I washed my face with this cleansing bar and noticed an immediate difference. My complexion looked very different, very good! I figured that I must have just been kidding myself but when I walked into my mother's room she asked me if I had on foundation because my skin looked so good! I was like "Yea! DEF bulking up on this!"

Curvy ♥


At March 21, 2010 at 11:54 PM , Blogger PRRFECT GIRL said...

I find the formula of that tiny vaseline jar is much more thin and soft than the original. I bought it for the cute factor for it too :)


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