Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Love Love Love this outfit!

I stopped dead in my tracks when browsing through clothes on forever21's plus sized line Faith21. This is such an All American look! The vest looks to be very comfortable and it isn't form fitting so you will have room to grow in it. I'm not sure if I would necessarily wear THAT hat, maybe a different one or a double head band or flower bow. I love the hair though, and the make-up and most definitely the VEST!! Look out for it (on me) soon!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Head to Toe: Dots

It was really warm out and the pollen had died down a bit so I went to visit some of my friends at the my old University I previously attended. They were going to a pool party so I decided to wear this khaki colored dress layered with a yellow camisole underneath. I felt like spring time when I put this outfit on! If showing a lot of leg isn't something you are comfortable with then I DO NOT recommend this sundress. Going up a size does NOT make this dress any longer, only wider. I wore some simple flip flops since I planned to put my feet in the water. I hope everyone is enjoying your week until this point and that you continue to enjoy it afterward!

Curvy ♥

My drink of choice... ♥

So I went into Wal-mart today to get a lab coat for my job and to browse around and look at things that I may like. Needless to say I didn't find a thing (besides my lab coat.) At the check-out I saw SoBe Lifewater. I've seen commercials for this drink before but I never wanted to try it. The bottle was pretty and it was only one dollar so I was thinking "Hey! Why not?" I am so glad that I gave this drink a try. I chose the Agave Lemonade flavor and it tastes just right BONUS it's 40 calories per serving.
I like to google ingredients sometimes just to see what they are and SoBe Lifewater has some healthy and beneficial ingredients for our bodies.
The first one I googled was Erythritol which is a naturally-derived sugar substitute that looks and tastes very much like sugar, yet has almost no calories. Erythritol is called a sugar alcohol and sugar alcohol are found naturally in plants and fruits like melons, mushrooms and grapes.
The next was Yerba (some call it Yerba mate) which is a tree native to the rainforest in South America. It has been used to cure health problems and is commonly used in United States to aid in weight loss.
The final one Niacinamide can be used topically to treat and soothe facial acne! It is considered to be one of the BEST natural treatments for Rosacea, a chronic skin condition.
Not only is this drink full of vitamins, and other ingredients that are beneficial to our health, but it tastes damn good (lol)! SoBe Lifewater in Agave Lemonade is definitely my drink of choice for the month! Thanks for reading beauties! Enjoy!

Curvy ♥

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Found them!

When it comes to shopping for accessories Forever 21 is one of the first places and websites I tend to visit. I have been looking for a pair of earrings like this for a while and as soon as I entered the site I saw them! Forever 21 also has an online catalog for plus size fashion called Faith 21 as well and I love it! Anywho, I love shopping for their accessories online because they are cheaper and I can usually get a promo code for a discount of some sort. I also found a few other things I liked as well. Something that I have been interested in a lot lately are the peacock feather earrings. I think they are so cute and would love to find a place that sells them.

I am on my second week of my trial with the Ambi Cocoa Butter Face Bar and it is going lovely. I have a before picture and after my trial period (one month) is complete I will post them.

 I hope everyone had a productive day today. I will try to post more often. Thanks for reading beauties!

Curvy ♥

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Someone you should meet...

Fashion, music, beauty, skin, and hair are some things that do hold my interest outside of work and school, but I also have another little interest of mine. His name is Camren and he is the apple of my eye. I won't bring him up much on this blog, but what kind of a person would I be if I never told you all that I have a son? Yes, I am a teenaged parent. Case closed. Lets just get that question out of the way. I could not have asked for a better blessing and EVERYTHING that I do is soley for his benefit only. Well Curvies and Gents, Here is my world, my son Camren...

Monday, March 22, 2010

My first day on the job!

Good Evening beauties!

Today I began my orientation for my new job (for personal reasons I will not disclose the name of my place of employment.) and I absolutely loved it! It's so refreshing to work around people who are so deep into their careers rather than working in a fast food place, clothing store, mall, etc. The professional atmosphere really made me excited to graduate from college and start my career (btw I am a nursing major. I gave myself away- hint hint! ) Of course with a new job comes new clothes! I stopped by a inexpensive clothing store to look for a few things. I ended up leaving with a pair of really adorable earrings, a brightly colored romper (my new fav!) and a work friendly but trendy top. I will post pictures tomorrow. I am supposed to be studyinggg! I hope you all had a productive Monday and the rest of your week continues to fly by! Thanks!

Curvy ♥

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Picked up a few things today...

Today was such a gloomy day :-(
I really hate bad weather...

Even though the weather was horrible I didn't let it stop all of my plans for the day. It was DEFINITELY time for a change of hair style. I start a new job tomorrow so I decided to switch up my hair to go along with it. I also finally got my eyebrows waxed (thank goodness!) as well. I stopped in a shoe store and tried on a couple pair of high wedged heels. I really liked every single pair and if I wasn't running so late for my hair appointment I would have purchased them. Then I stopped at a beauty supply shop a few doors down from the salon to browse through some things. Of course I purchased a couple of items as well. I have them shown below. I hope everyone enjoyed their weekends and you all have productive weeks! Thanks!

I love how the jar is so tiny and compact! I like to use Vaseline on my lips before applying any color or sticky lipgloss. It's really light and very moisturizing.

I actually purchased this item on accident but I consider it the BEST buy of the day :-)! It's from Nivea and it's called A Kiss of Flavor. It is a lightly scented, tinted and tasty (yum!) chapstick. After applying your lips are sooo smooth and it smells and tastes so good. Once I got in my car I checked my receipt and saw that it was on there, I figured the clerk must have scanned it and bagged it by mistake. Anywho I tried it and ended up loving it. I have to go back and buy more!

When I purchase eyelashes I usually get the traditional style but I saw these and and had to try them. They are wing shaped. When I put them on they looked so natural. The lash hair is really soft and they seem pretty durable.


I was flipping through a magazine while I was getting my hair dried in the salon and saw a very pretty african american girl about my age. The thing that stood out to me the most about her was her skin. It was so even and soft and radiant! The interviewer also must have noticed her skin because she asked her what skin care regimen does she follow and the young woman said she used this cleansing bar. After reading that I had to try it. As soon as I got home I washed my face with this cleansing bar and noticed an immediate difference. My complexion looked very different, very good! I figured that I must have just been kidding myself but when I walked into my mother's room she asked me if I had on foundation because my skin looked so good! I was like "Yea! DEF bulking up on this!"

Curvy ♥